Luca De Angelis, Fabio De Biase | They went viral just because they asked to!

Maria-Anna Tanagia

I love Facebook. One of the reasons is these two guys who went worldwide viral because they just wanted to test the power of the most powerful social network through a simple picture. Another reason is that via Facebook I found them in a few minutes!

Maria-Anna Tanagia

This moment, I’ m seeing 18.895 likes and 6.443 shares of the famous photo of you. Did you expect that you will go viral so quickly?

To be honest, we did not expect this such a great result! We know the power of the social network and we expected a good result but not in this size.

What’s your purpose? What do you want to prove?

We’d like to study the power of Facebook and actually, we’d like to know how to become viral. Why Facebook user should share, comment and like our simple photo. We want to study the strength and the weakness of contents and the social network.


Ancona, Thailand, Australia, Russia, etc. which share was a biggest surprise for you?

Yes, unexpected places like Greenland, Hawaii, French Polynesia, Alaska, Sri Lanka, New Caledonia, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Uzbekistan. We’re really stoked to see these locations. But the best thing for us is receiving “live” photo from the Facebook users. For example, we received a stunning sunset in Miami, an awesome view in Greenland full of snow and a beautiful sunrise in Australia.

Do you have a “deadline” for this experiment?

Yes there is, the test lasts 1 month and after it, we will collect all the locations and we’ll put them in a map. We’ll try to understand why there were more comments in Europe, Argentina, Brazil, Thailand or why at the start there was nobody from Thailand and right now we’re full of comments from Bangkok. This kind of comparison and even a final result and conclusion about the power of Facebook, content, networking and social media in general.

Are you Facebook maniacs? How many hours per day spend on this social network?

We’re not Facebook maniacs and we usually don’t write a post everyday. We spend enough time on Facebook but we also use a lot Instagram and Linkedin. We are very interested in social media because they’ve became an essential thing of our life.

Which is the most inspiring power of Facebook? Which fact intriguers you more?

Well, speaking on the professional side, we think that the most inspiring power of Facebook is that you can set up a business and make money on it. Because, nowadays people are affected by social networks, so you can create new needs and new product, then with Facebook (or Instagram as well) you can communicate and spread your product all over the world.

On the human side, surely, we think that it is the sense of helpfulness. Our photo is very simply and our help is not a social help but it is only for our research. We don’t spread a medical help for illness or stuff like that. In this case we noticed a great sense of help the other (and strangers like us).

I read that you are students of Economics and Business.  Do you think that Facebook will be an excellent tool for your future career?

Yes, of course. Just thinking about the role of social media marketing manager. Social networks involve new jobs for sure. We have to take advantage of it.

Tell me some things about Ancona. Why someone must visit this city?

First of all, it is nice to read comments where people recalled their memories about Ancona. For example, sometimes we read that many users came to Ancona for summer holidays or somebody has a granddad from Ancona. It is the capital of region Marche but it is a small city. Nevertheless, as we see, it is well known all over the world. Someone who lives in Ancona can enjoy the beaches and in the winter time he can go up to the mountain. He can enjoy all types of Italian food, from fresh seafood to the street food.  Ancona and Greece are very close to each other. Ancona has a big port where you can easily reach Greece by ship.

Tell me one thing that you know about Greece.

Pitagyros for sure and tzaziki sauce! Amazing food and golden beaches. We’re kind of cousins. Greek people are very friendly.

Last, I would like to share with us your craziest dream for your future.

Well, we’d like to get a job for an Italian company based in a foreign country.

And the first thing that you will do after answering for this interview!

We’ll do another interview for a local TV station!

Thank you for this interview and see you in Greece one day!